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Web Security

Web Security

The web poses many security risks that hackers can use to exploit your system and cause headaches. They can steal information or install a virus, or even find out your location. Here is a brief list of a few security risks you should be aware of and how you can secure yourself.

Get a VPN - Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Netork(VPN) is a service you can purchase that will mask your IP address, securing your internet connection and making you anonymous on the web. This keeps hackers and people like the FBI from following your activities. A VPN is especially useful when your using an unsecured wi-fi connection, like at a coffee shop. For more info, check out Norton's version.

Install Antivirus Software

A virus is a piece of code that "infects" your computer and can do severe damage and/or gain sensitive data. You should always have the latest and up to date version of antivirus software running on your computer to protect yourself. Especially if you download things, like mp3s, from the web. It doesn't take much for a hacker to dress up a virus in an unassuming download. And there are tons of fake sites out there with "Click here to download!" buttons to fool you. There are many good ones to choose from. McAffee has a solid reputation is one of the leading antivirus software on the market.

Keep Your Browser Updated

Hackers will often exploit browser vulnerabilites, so it's important to keep yours up to date. Browser companies are always updating their software once an exploit is found. I recommend either Chrome or Firefox. Here's an example from PC Magazine where hackers in North Korea were posing as recruiters for major companies in order to trick people into going to malicious sites so they could get sensitive information. The exploit allowed these hackers to trigger remote code execution on the client's browser. Read about it for more info!

Browser and System Properties

Did you know that, using Javascript, a programmer can find out valuable information about your browser and operating system? This could pose a security risk. The tables below show information about your particular browser and system.

Navigator Properties

This table displays your Browser and System Properties:

Screen Properties

This table displays your current Screen Properties: